Frais de port offert à partir de 25 euros (en France).

Accueil US

Hand made, with respect for tradition, the Confiture Parisienne are exclusively composed of natural ingredients and unrefined sugar. The cooking temperature is accurate to the degree, in small pans for a better repartition of the heat, hence protecting the fruits’ integrity. The jam is then delicately poured into the trademark white painted pots of Confiture Parisienne.
Why white paint ? Because it keeps the light away – as for the authentic olive oil- and also because it’s more beautiful. 
In short: more time, more work, more quality.
You understand now why Confiture Parisienne is expensive.
And the reason why they are the best on Earth: the 1% of imagination that makes the difference. Inspired by the cycle of seasons, strawberries blend with tomato and basil at springtime, raspberries brew with apricots and aniseed in summer, chestnuts fusion with pears and vanilla in autumn, carrots meet passion fruit in winter. Startled? It’s only a beginning. Welcome in the delicious world of Confiture Parisienne.