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The Aphrodisiac Jam is made from grapefruit, Pomegranate, honey and islands  spices.The exisiting legendery white jar blushed with pleasure to become scarlet. Back to the recipe: what characterizes this audacious mix is primarily all the volutptious textures of the citrus, the pomegranate and the honey, which gradually turns into your mouth a  gently heat under the effect of the chilli. Ideal for long burning kisses or other fantasies that we can imagine. The Jam Aphrodisiac  is consumed preferably in bed for an ole-ole coffee or on boudoirs at tea time philosophizing about the charms of love in Paris.

Pot 250g.

Price/kg : 59,60€


Rare fruits, and seasonal, zero chemicals and unrefined cane sugar. Their cooking in small quantities is monitored to the exact degree in copper cauldrons so that the cooking is homogeneous and that the fruits can render all their aromas. The jam is delicately poured by hand in white enamelled jars to avoid letting the light pass through.

The quality of its production and its recipes enabled the Confiture Parisienne to join the Collège Culinaire de France in June 2016.