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« Or Noir » or Black Gold is the Confiture Parisienne’s black jam. It comes in a golden jar to shine during the end of the year greetings and takes you on a flying carpet until the new year.
How do we make black jam? with Tunisian dates and lemon cooked for a long, very long time at a very low temperature. What better to transform all palaces into oriental palaces and your Christmas nights into a thousand and one nights. Which is a good thing because there is also a thousand and one ways to enjoy « Or Noir » : with muffins, tajines, cheeses... Some have even tasted it with Champagne and truffles, apparently it is sensational. 


Rare fruits, and seasonal, zero chemicals and unrefined cane sugar. Their cooking in small quantities is monitored to the exact degree in copper cauldrons so that the cooking is homogeneous and that the fruits can render all their aromas. The jam is delicately poured by hand in white enamelled jars to avoid letting the light pass through.

The quality of its production and its recipes enabled the Confiture Parisienne to join the Collège Culinaire de France in June 2016.