Choose the best fruits. La Confiture Parisienne is made with the most tasty varieties of the best fruits. The strawberry is a Mara des Bois, the raspberry a Willamette, the pear a Williams and the apricot comes from Roussillon. And when we select our carrots, we choose them young with foliage. A slight difference in taste between two pots of the same recipe can happen. This is proof of an artisanal production; our jams can slightly change according the fruits harvest and seasons.
Only use unrefined cane sugar.
Brighter in color but harmful to health, white sugar is banished from our jams. As a consequence, our jam has a darker color than industrial jams. It respects our home policy: tasty in the mouth, good for the body.
Respect the rule of two firings.
Our recipes are created by chefs and then made by our jam Master and his team to faithfully reproduce the original recipes. We cook each of our jams in two stages: a first firing the day before to let the fruit "open" to the sugar, followed by a whole night rest so that the fruit can return all its aromas and that the sugar penetrates up to its heart. And a second firing the next day, to obtain the ideal consistency and taste.
Cook in small quantity to the nearest minute.
Our jams are cooked by quantity of not more than 4kg of fruits, so the heat is homogeneous and the aromas of our fruits are protected thanks to a short cooking. The expert eyes of our jam Master allow stop cooking to the minute.
Protect the jam from the light.
The white lacquer which recovers our jars optimizes the preservation of our recipes by protecting the jam from the light. And our jars are fully recyclable.