For Christmas, Akrame reinvents the fig, honey and olive oil jam.

Everyone who went  to Shirvan restaurant will tell you this: Akrame is never as true to himself as when he plays with iconic flavors of oriental cuisine. For Confiture Parisienne, star chef excelled in simplicity : roasted figs coated with orange honey and then puréed with a drizzle of olive oil. A pleasure that is authentic and beautiful as life, which Akrame says he understood the three fundamental elements to be  these simple ingredients. 

With the first spoon you trust him, with the second one you are converted, with the third one you become an adept because Michelin-starred gods are not to be found on every street corner. And to keep this  happy miracle flawless, Confiture Parisienne has created a black-lacquered jar -  the real colour of the sun- with a label adorned with a drawing made by the Master himself.  And this is how Akrame is great.