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To restore the jam as a major - and noble - player of the pleasure of food and not just the morning companion for a slice of toast.

for the flavour

LConfiture Parisienne is born from the meeting of two enthusiasts. Laura, a passionate of new tastes and founder of a Berlin restaurant. And Nadège, a passionate of ceramics and culinary history.

From this meeting around a snack is born the idea of creating an exceptional jam with a packaging as beautiful as its container would be good.

A training of confiturière and a registration in the Chamber of Trades and Crafts later, Nadège and Laura are ready to launch the production. We are on October 15, 2015, Confiture Parisienne is officially born.

It is at the gates of Paris, in Savigny sur Orge, in the own laboratory of the brand that the Confiture Parisienne is handmade and according to rigorous tradition.

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The original recipes that have made the reputation of the brand are developed by Chefs, with a clever balance of fruit and spices which compose them.

Rare fruits, and seasonal, zero chemicals and unrefined cane sugar. Their cooking in small quantities is monitored to the exact degree in copper cauldrons so that the cooking is homogeneous and that the fruits can render all their aromas. The jam is delicately poured by hand in white enamelled jars to avoid letting the light pass through.

« There is jam that is spread and There is the jam that is eaten with the spoon ». 

Laura & Nadège