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The Chefs

Executive Chef Pastry Prince de Galles *


Gourmand, Nicolas Paciello likes precision in simplicity. Aged 15, he starts his apprenticeship and graduates in the area of Forbach then in Metz. He then finds a position in the Parisian Fauchon shop, under the supervision of Christophe Adam. After spending five years with the brand, he then assists Jérôme Chaucesse at the Hotel de Crillon, and becomes assistant to Benoit Couvrand at Cyril Lignac’s pastry shop. He joins the Hotel Prince de Galles in 2013, managed by Yann Couvreur. In December 2015, after a one year break as pastry chef of Hotel de la Reserve with Jrome Banctel, Nicolas Paciello returns to Prince de Galles, as Pastry chef together with Stephanie Le Quellec. Passionate and food lover, he builds up taste around balanced flavours.

L'Amour Fou

Executive Chef Pastry Le Meurice
Paris 1er


After graduating, Cedric Grolled settles in Paris in 2006 and joins the Fauchon teams where he will stay for 5 years. Quickly spotted by the chefs Christophe Adam, Benoit Couvrand and Christophe Appert, he follows them around the world to train the staff of the new Fauchon shops. After a year, he takes up the prominent position of Research and Development. In 2011, Cedric joins Le Meurice as sous chef and quickly becomes Pastry Chef. He receives between 2015 and 2017 the most acclaimed awards and trophies, celebrating his daily work.

Coeur de Noisette

Chef Akrame
Paris 8ème


Akrame Benallal belongs to this generation of young chefs who succeded in implementing a decidedly modern cuisine where each ingredient is treated in a holistic manner. A free and demanding style aiming for perfection in cooking, texture, flavour with a touch of sensibility.

Fig, honey and olive oil

Chef Le Roch Hôtel & Span
Paris 1er


After having acquired a good experience with important firms (L’auberge de Fond Rose – Lyon, Joêl Robuchon workshop in London , La Tour d’Argent, Paris), Remy Bérerd joint in 2016 the « Roch Hotel & Spa » by the sides of the doubly starry Arnaud Faya (Michelin at « La chèvre d’or à Eze). At the age of barely thirty, Remy inspires the « Roch Hotel & Spa» with his new culinary vision : A vegetable cookery, acidulous, sophisticated but without complexities, feeling like to be in accordance with seasons.

Or Noir

Chef Les Déserteurs
Paris 12ème


This passionately fond of concocting meals, and native of Annecy, started his carreer in London with Antonin Bonnet of whom he will become the main assistant for 7 years, then he leaves this recruiting chef and launches « Les Déserteurs » with his close friend, the wine waiter, and develops a spontaneous, purified cookery, punctuated with Japanese touches within the lineage of the Bras’ or the Marcons’.

Fraise, Framboise, Géranium Rosa

Artisan Glacier
Sagone, Corse


Pierre Géronimi is an Ice-cream manufacturer in the small village of Sagone, in the North of Ajaccio. He spent his childhood among Ice-creams and sorbets that were made there, by his father, an Ice-cream master since 1969. He is nowadays, the more creative and proposes 35 flavours every year. In addition to the usual Ice-creams, he proposes the original salty, Ice-creams with anchovy, sea water, mustard, crystallized onions…and specially, the treasures of its « Ile de Beauté » such as chestnut flour, honey, hazel nuts…..without omitting to mention the wild plants like the myrtle, the immortelle, or even the népita.

Fraise, Maracuja et Népita

Chef Itinéraires
Paris, 5ème

Sylvain SENDRA

He is a star inscribed in the guide « Michelin » with his moving restaurants. This passionate of travels, this purist has been marked by the discovery of two countries: Peru and Japan : « I’ve got the feeling that they eat there in the same manner I live in my kitchen. All is done for the purpose of having received the best and of providing the best » : A regular attention is devoted to details, gestures, contrasts of textures, precision of cooking, a balance between acidity and greediness. An exact cooking, technical, more limpid than conclusive.

Tomate, Vanille, Thym

Chef Salt
Paris, 11ème


Daniel Morgan is a chef in his thirties, native of Sheffield, United Kingdom. He has got a wandering soul, since he has been trained successively at « the square » in London, at Noma in Copenhaguen and at narisawa in Tokyo. The last two are regularly classified among the ten first restaurants in the classification of 50 best and even four times number one for Noma. Daniel will start, at the end of December, a new restaurant in Berlin, Germany.

Fraise grillée, Sauge, Ananas

Chef Pâtissier Hôtel de Crillon
Paris, 8ème


Jerôme Chaucesse, Pastry chef at Crillon Hotel, « Rosewood Hotel », the best worker pasty cook, confectioner in 2015, is a passionate, determined and commited. Jérôme chancesse has been elected as the best apprentice of France at the age of 18. At Vincent Dallets’ in Epernay, he captured the gist of the pastry making. He starts his ascension of the starry restaurants by collaborating with Gérard Boyer in the Crayères in Reims where he discovered the dessert on the plate. He comes back to Paris in 2004 and integrates the Crillon Hotel where he will become Pastry Chef.

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